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Creative Division:

What else can one say?  The awesome title for the blog is the result of some captive creativity, fueled by sheer boredom, exaggerated by my bloated ego and aggravated by the fumes coming off our freshly painted office walls.


The infrastructure (laptop, connectivity, power, water, toilets, work-station, snacks, telephone, transport, etc.)  for this massive undertaking has been kindly provided by my current employer.  They also happen to pay me a large sum of money every month, ostensibly to do their own work, but hey – I have an open mind.


The Foreskin Press will focus on anyone and anything that happens to irk me, bug me, irritate me, or more.  Large corporations (who are not currently sponsoring my work), cruel employers, all politicians, gadget manufacturers, advertisers, dumb criminals, telecom conglomerates, TV programming and life in general will also feature in this space.  Considering that I abhor the world around me, it shouldn’t be surprising that it opens up a lot in the way of choice!

I promise to particularly target flamboyant homosexuals – after-all, they are gay, aren’t they?  Ugly people, be afraid.  Be very afraid.

But honestly, the content you see is primarily non-news, fake-news, or what I love to call ‘unjournalism‘!  And how do you decide which parts are made-up and which ones are for real?  Simple.  Just click the relevant links within the blog, and voila!  You’ll get to see a uniform opinion and the actual basis for my post.


I’ve grown weary of Blogger and decided to give WordPress a try.  Let’s hope they’re as good as they promise.  Some features here have already thrilled me, and formatting here has been a breeze, unlike the unwieldy composer available on Blogger.


Needless to say, if you have any opinion at all – good or bad –  tell me what you think by leaving a comment.  I will respond to you if you leave your email ID or your own website/blog address.  Have fun!

5 Responses to "About The Foreskin Press"

Hi there…
Just who on earth are you???
Do I know you???
sorry if I sound crazy but you definitely are crazier…I really wanna know if you are someone I know and If I have then why on earth didnt i know this??? your blog is quite daring…and yes does display sublime exhibitionism…but different and daring…quite daring

we met very very briefly at your nephew’s christening. i happen to be Reuben Robert, Ajith George’s boss.

he had proudly announced to us your attempt on a novel and had sent me your blog address too. unfortunately (?), your brother and my other staff, do not know i write a blog. not that i have anything to hide, but i’m not sure how well they’d be able to understand or digest the logic (flawed as it may be!) behind the blog…

your flashes of brilliant articulation never fail to surprise me. i could never have described my work as “sublime exhibitionism” even if you’d carved it into my forehead with a blunt kitchen knife. i am truly flattered.

forgive me if the content/title/writing in the blog is a tad unpalatable. it’s because i foolishly insist on being controversial.

hmmm… i’ve just realized that’s a form of exhibitionism in itself!

thanks for the note, and i hope you continue to visit my blog – as i will be visiting yours to enjoy the meandering strolls through a prose-built world.

p.s. am hoping for an insider’s scoop on your upcoming novel… all the best, though.


Is there a problem with Facebook now? Is it being displayed correctly on your screen? Are the portions of the Facebook page in the correct places? Can you do any editing to it, eg, delete a posting?

unlock iphone


Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

black hattitude.

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